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Certified Consultants

All VJSAR Consultants have certified in their skills sets from industry-recognized institutions. &  have up-to-date knowledge in the latest technology. Having a certified staff helps to have a more structured development and testing practices and optimization of SDLC activities. The certified testers will offer high-level services to their clients. This also helps the organizations remain up to date with testing innovations.



We can deliver the project on-demand and scalable resource model. We have offices in the UK &  in India and can deliver an Onshore offshore model to reduce your cost significantly understand the requirements and provide the best solution within a limited period. Having sites in two different countries helps in flexibility and scalability, the onshore team can focus more on the core business activities and the responsibilities are shared 


Quality and time

At VJSAR our services are based on cutting edge technology with quality assurance processes and automated testing VJSAR focus on the delivering the product on time with high quality. Our Consultants are professionally trained, and they ensure the products are delivered by maximizing the quality and minimizing the rework which in turn saves time and effort

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